Cat Calls

Welcome to Cat Calls!

Cat Calls is a “free” behavior consulting service for owners struggling with their cats’ behavior.

What is the fee for Cat Calls?

We say “free” because we do not receive payment for the service. There is a $25 fee for the session, 100% of which will be donated to the non-profit cat organization of the cat owners’ choice. This nominal fee is designed to create value for the service and thereby reduce the risk of no-shows and subsequent wasted time for the consultant and LYF Mentees.

What is the typical fee for this kind of service, if Cat Calls were not available?

Your Call will be led by Cat Behavior Consultant Katenna Jones of Jones Animal Behavior (link to This service with her is normally 2 hours for $250. Other cat consultants we recommend who also offer such services are listed below. As you can see, Cat Calls are an incredible opportunity and are in high demand, so please keep your appointment. Missed meetings or “No-shows” will not be rescheduled. 

Who can participate?

Participants in Cat Calls may be pet owners seeking advice for a behavior problem they are experiencing with their cat, or a rescue looking for assistance with supporting a cat in their care, or any other type of cat owner or guardian looking for behavior support. 

It is preferred that recipients be those who may not otherwise be able to afford cat behavior consulting services.

This service is also a unique educational opportunity for members of The Land on Your Feet (LYF) Cat Behavior Consultant Mentorship. These students are newer to the cat behavior consulting industry and many are eager to observe and participate in real-time cat behavior consults with real behavior cases.

What are the service details?

All Sessions are on Sundays at 1pm EST.

Sessions are one hour (60 minute) Zoom calls and can cover any cat behavior concern. Sessions are donated and led by Certified Cat Behavior Consultant and Applied Animal Behaviorist Katenna Jones. Sessions include a verbal discussion of the cat’s history as well as verbal recommendations and advice for improving the behavior concerns.


What behaviors can be discussed in a Cat Call?

ANY problematic or unwanted cat behavior you would like to resolve, such as not using the litter box, scratching the furniture, aggression to humans, not getting along with another cat, not getting along with another species, fear, anxiety, and more. Cat Calls can also address a cat’s training needs, such as helping your cat use an inhaler, take their medication, wear a harness, walk on a leash, have their nails trimmed, and more.

What will NOT be addressed in a Cat Call?

  • Medical or veterinary health concerns, including but not limited to injuries, ailments, medication, and dosing will not be addressed. 
  • Specific dietary and nutritional recommendations beyond general advice appropriate for most cats. 
  • Dog training or dog behavior concerns will not be addressed.

Why is there a charge for a “free” service?

The nominal charge of $10 charge for the session is designed to create value for the service and thereby reduce the risk of no-shows and subsequent wasted time. 100% of the fee will be donated to the non-profit feline related organization of the cat owners’ choice.

What organization is my fee given to?

All participants are required to provide a behavior history about their cat prior to the session. The donation is submitted at the end of that form, at which point you will be asked to indicate where your fee should be sent.

I am not available for Cat Calls on the provided days and times. Are there other options?

No, Sundays at 1pm EST are the only appointment options currently available. You are encouraged to review the list of qualified, skilled, and effective professionals who can assist you on other days and times. However, you will be responsible for contacting, scheduling, and paying for their services.

If you are experiencing litter box issues, please peruse our list of professionals with a certificate in addressing feline elimination related concerns.

What is NOT included in a Cat Call?

Cat Calls do NOT include the following, unless one of the LYF Mentorship participants wishes to volunteer to provide it for the case.

  • written summaries, reports or other materials
  • session recordings
  • follow-up sessions 
  • on-going behavior support

My cat is not getting along with my dog - can I still have a Cat Call?

Certainly! The focus of the session will be on your cat, however, general recommendations and advice for handling the dig side of things will also be provided. If the conflict in the relationship is predominantly or exclusively coming from the dog, a Cat Call will be somewhat less helpful. 

What if I need ongoing help to carry out the recommendations I receive?

A list of qualified, skilled, and effective professionals will be provided. However, you will be responsible for contacting, scheduling, and paying for their services. 

If I hire someone to help me implement your advice, can you share my info with them?

Absolutely. The history and any documentation you provide, as well as a recording of your Cat Call can be given to any cat behavior consultant you subsequently hire.

How do I sign up?

Click on the button at the bottom of this page to get started. First, you will be asked to submit a behavior history for your cat(s), then you will be asked to review and sign a waiver after which you will pay the $10 donation, and finally you will be redirected to the scheduling page.