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Foster Education and Development

Welcome to the Foster Education and Development learning series. This 5-part module is designed to deliver information about canine behavior, the basics of behavior modification, training, and how to assess when you may need help. This content is reflective of information that is not only supported by the science of behavior but also of Save One Soul’s policies and procedures. Because there are many sources on the internet that may be perpetuating inaccurate information, we don’t want you to have to worry about sorting through the hundreds of opinions you will find if you flock to Google. 

These courses will provide you information necessary to be a knowledgeable foster and after each course there will be a short quiz. Once you have watched and passed all 5 quizzes, you will receive a certificate of completion for this module. 

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Course Instructor: Erika Lessa, dip.CBST, CDBT, CDBC, CPDT-KA

Erika LessaErika’s career working with dogs unknowingly began almost 20 years ago when she adopted a dog with developing aggression issues. In the course of his rehabilitation she was introduced to the world of dog behavior. Her education was self-directed incorporating hands on experience, multiple apprenticeships, and several structured learning programs. She most recently received her Diploma in Canine Behavior Science & Technology from the Companion Animal Science Institute requiring approximately 500 course hours. Her professional certifications include Certified Dog Behavior Technologist, Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, Certified Professional Dog Trainer Knowledge Assessed, and is a Fear-Free Certified Trainer. Professional memberships include Pet Professional Guild (PPG) and the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT). She has been published in the IAABC Journal, local media outlets, as well as developed and co-presented webinars, workshops, and programs on canine social interactions. Erika has helped many shelters and rescues with adoption transition support for difficult-to-adopt and marginal dogs, and does staff and volunteer training in the area of behavior, enrichment, and building social groups. Currently, she is living with 3 rescue dogs of her own.

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