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Our goal is to provide tangible, applicable education that can be implemented in your business immediately. Our courses walk you through how to do work with specific companion animal issues covering training, behavior and care, as well as information on how to grow your business to reach more pet owners and change lives for the better.

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All of our offerings are taught by experts who can provide the latest in up-to-date, science-based knowledge. and practices.

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We offer a certificate and directory listing for students who complete the Feline Inappropriate Elimination Course and certificate exam.

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"Katenna's Feline Inappropriate Elimination Master Course is the real deal. A complete course with sample cases to work on in each chapter, resources, handouts to share with clients, current research studies, and a test to review your knowledge at the end of each chapter. I cannot say enough good things about this course. As well as being self-paced, there are monthly online meetings in which to discuss cases or questions with Katenna and your peers and a wonderful Facebook group full of support. I highly recommend this course!"
Lea Fronterhouse, ABCCT, FFCP
Cat Behavior Consultant and Trainer
"This course was phenomenal. It was well-structured, fascinating, and extremely thorough. I chose to take the Complete Course. I was blown away by all of the resources that I received, including handouts for clients with space for my own logo and business guidance that covered every detail of consulting that I didn't even know I needed. I'm elated that this course is available for behavior professionals everywhere to better the lives of so many felines."
Elizabeth Throckmorton
"I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to manage my own learning at my own pace. All the research that is science based has helped with expanding my knowledge as well as practical advice that were shared. I learnt the most from reading the case studies, working on solutions and questions that I would ask and then comparing to what actually happened. A wonderful course for anyone who owns or works with cats."
Jenny Haber
"What a welcome and valuable course that shares the appropriate and systematic steps to help a dog learn to enjoy wearing a muzzle. Katenna Jones' Dogs & Muzzles: Building Solid Relationships online course is very thorough and filled with sound information—the focus is on always keeping the dog comfortable and happy throughout the training process. Whether you're a professional trainer, a dog hobbyist, or a companion dog guardian, you'll find value in the course."
Lisa Lyle Waggoner, CPDT-KA, CSAT, PMCT2
Cold Nose College
Faculty, Victoria Stilwell Academy for Dog Training and Behavior